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BBBB – Feb 16

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Title: BBBB (Bowling, BlazeBlue, Bubble Tea)
Date: 2010-02-16
Start Time: 15:00
Location: Up town – Drivers needed
Forum Thread: Click here

  • Bowling @ World Bowl
  • BlazeBlue @ LoveGety (and other arcade games)
  • Bubble tea & food afterward
  • RSVP on the forum thread!

As Gil posted on the forums:

The plan:
We’re going Bowling at World Bowl, starting at 3pm, and keep going until everyone hates it because you realize you can’t beat me, which takes about two hours. Afterwards, since it’ll still be a bit early, we’ll then head to Lovegety (an arcade) and play BlazBlue, (or other things) so you guys can lose to me some more. Then, when everyone’s hungry enough we’ll head out as a group to eat at a restaurant that also serves BuBBle tea.

Afterwards, you guys can decide on whether you want to go back home, and cry about Gilbert beating you at everything, or you can come back to Lovegety and try to redeem yourself.

All of these places are located uptown, just off the Highway 7 exit on the 404.The number of people that can come will probably depend on the number of drivers we can get. Also depending on the group size, I may have to reserve a table at the restaurant and book lanes. Act now!

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