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SEO Entertainment and UTAMA presents: Anime/J-rave Party!

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Hey everyone! UTAMA is collaborating with SEO Entertainment to host an anime/J-rave party at Hart House on February 18th (that’s right, the Friday before reading week, so nobody should have school-related excuses :D). This social event is your chance to meet new people with similar interests. Apart from UTAMA, other anime clubs as well as Japanese exchange students will be there for you to meet and make new friends, and it’s a rare chance to hit the dance floor rocking to upbeat Japanese/Korean anime/pop music remixes.

Date: February 18th, 2010 (Friday before reading week)
7PM to whenever
Location: UofT Hart House Music Room (2nd floor Hart House)
Price: $10 with RSVP, $15 at the door (price includes refreshments and glowstick/bracelet)
Dress Code: None

If you’re interested in going, email our president Emily at president@utama.ca with your name and age (alcohol will be served) and you will be added to the RSVP list. Payment for the ticket will be at the event itself. Deadline for RSVP is February 11th.

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