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Reminder/Update: DnD120 + Pancakes

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Pancake Breakfast – forum thread

We’re having another pancake breakfast this Saturday. Pancakes will be served with syrup and juice free of charge. Everyone is welcome to come. The first pancakes will be served at around 10am and will continue to be served until DnD120.

DnD120 (formerly DnD101) – forum thread

Once again, for those of you who expressed interest in Dungeons and Dragons, we are meeting for an introductory session this Saturday. Please ensure you have at least selected a class you wish to play and skimmed Player’s Handbook 1 and 2. This event will start at around 1pm and end at around 6 (hopefully). Please be punctual.

Both of these events (the pancake breakfast and DnD120) will take place on either the 4th or 5th floor of 21 Sussex Ave (the building where our office is).

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