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Summary of October & Early November

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October and Early November has been quite the action packed 5 weeks for UTAMA events.

To kick things off on Oct 3 was the Art Meet and Nuit Blanche. Although the Scotiabank Sponsored and non-UTAMA organized event was a little disappointing for some; based on the forum posts, the art meet was a blast.

A few short days later was our second meeting of the academic year on Oct 7. The turnout was not as big as the first meeting and the large 300 person lecture hall (MB128) seemed a little large for us, but I think most of us enjoyed ourselves.

About a week after that was Cosplay Cafe #1 (Oct 6). Hopefully, this introductory session was informative for all who attended.

Two weeks later was the meeting #3 back in GB244 on Oct 27, and the turnout was about the same as the previous meeting. I think people enjoyed themselves with trying to buzz in for Jeopardy. The anticlimactic tie at the end was a bit disappointing but whatever….

On Halloween, JCSA hosted their Halloween party – I don’t know how many of us went, if any. The following day however, was Otaku Meet Plus organized by ACG North America). The event was relatively small and most of the room was UTAMA members or ACGNA Staff. It was fun nonetheless. A few pictures can be found on the ACGNA Blog.

Two days later (Nov 3) was Cosplay Cafe 2 with its informative tips on how to plan out your cosplay before you make it.

After that was GUNPLA101 (Nov 6) and Pancake Breakfast immediately followed by DnD120 (Nov 7). I hope everyone enjoyed themselves at these two events. I heard there was a shortage of model kits despite the “bring your own model kit” instructions. The pancakes were delicious just like our previous pancake breakfast – compliments to the chef(s). DnD120 was our introductory session to Dungeons and Dragons. The encounter involved killing a small group of kobolds and their baby dragon overlord. Nine brave adventurer’s took on the task and successfully defeated these monsters. If you’re still interested in DnD, please contact blooddaemon on the forums.

Be sure to join us this Thursday evening (Nov 12) at the internet cafe at College & Spadina for Starcraft, Counterstrike, and more.

Next Thursday, Nov 19, will be our next meeting (meeting #4). More details to come soon, so remember to visit this website, our RSS feed, our forums, and your email inbox (email utama@utoronto.ca to sign up) because you never know which source will announce it first!

There you have it folks, the end of this wall of text!

PS, 23 of 65 website posts occurred in October.

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