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Exec Team

Club Mascot

16 years old
152cm tall
Chairman of… O.o
Likes rabbits, creating artificial winter, making plasticine models
Dislikes early rise, fish, dirty dishes

Vincent Le

Convenes and chairs all club meetings
Deals with general club affairs
Contact person with other university organizations such as UTSU (formerly SAC).
Forum Name: DioBrando
eMail: utama@utoronto.ca

Emily Koon

Manages the club manga library
Records minutes for club meetings
Maintains other pertinent club records.
Forum Name: emi272
eMail: utama@utoronto.ca

Andrew Nguyen

Manages the club funds
Collects your membership fees
Hunts for Treasure
Forum Name: Chii
eMail: utama@utoronto.ca

Cecilia Yang
Minister of Events

Organizes major UTAMA events.
Forum Name: Smugleaf
eMail: utama@utoronto.ca

Jennifer Chun
Director of Activites

Plans fun activities for General Meeting.
Forum Name: heart[x]soul
eMail: utama@utoronto.ca

Yibo Yu

Updates the website. Fixes WordPress as neccessary.
Forum Name: BigKitty
eMail: utama@utoronto.ca

To contact all of the executive, please feel free to email utama@utoronto.ca.