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Internet Cafe Recap

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So yestarday (Nov 12) was the internet cafe event. About 12 of us of varying skill level showed up. The night started off with 8 people, and stragglers came when they could. Some also left early.

Things started off with 8-man free-for-all on Hunters in Starcraft. The game started relatively dull for most of the 8, but the first offensive was a surprise cannon rush which screwed over both parties involved. The end game was dominated by tanks, vultures, goliaths, and battlecruisers with two terran players going head-to-head at the end.

After the starcraft game, we moved onto Counter-Strike. Let’s just say, lots of killing ensued. The weapons of choice for most seemed to be machine guns. On cs_office, shenanigans involved using hostages as human shields. From what I recall, this tactic was pulled off five or six times and was foiled twice – once simply because of low health, the other was accurate pistol burst firing.

After CS was a ten man game of shuffled DotA where Andrew and Don were dominating for their respective sides.

After a game of DotA, we returned to CS on fy_iceworld. Needless to say, more mayhem ensued. The start of the iceworld madness involved a few shotgun victories, but as the night progressed, machine guns became prevalent.

After about 50 some odd rounds on iceworld, we moved to Team Fortress for a shortwhile. Everyone was confused and we all quit shortly after.

The night was coming to a close as several of 12 had already left early, and it was about 1130 when the final game started. This was a 4v4 exec vs non-exec DotA match. The non-exec team had the combo with Tiny but couldn’t make use of it due to newbie player issues. It was soon evident that team exec’s advantage of having 3 experienced players would payoff. After a 4 man push down mid by team exec (most players were level 17 at this point), the game was basically decided; however, Brad had to leave to go home. With his level 18 sniper gone, non-exec team pushed back but were foiled. Team exec took victory with Don.

I hope this was a fun experience for all. I know I had fun despite being highly unskilled at CS and DotA.

A reminder to our DND players, your respective campaigns start this weekend, check the forums for details.

Everyone, a reminder that we have a general meeting this coming Thursday (Nov 19). Details will be out soon, so stay vigilant!

This ends today’s wall of text, have a nice day.

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