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First Meeting

Posted by: VC | September 16, 2010 | No Comment |

Yay! It’s the start of a new school year, so it’s also time for our first UTAMA meeting 8D Yeah, this is a bit late but come on down if you can

Date: Thursday, September 16, 2010 (Map here)
Where: BA1190
Time: 6-10pm

Sales of our membership cards will start around 5:30pm even though we won’t have our room until 6pm..8D;; It will be $10 for a year mainly~ Though there is a deal if you buy a membership for 4 years 8Db You can also come into one meeting for $2 if you don’t think you’ll be coming down too often

We’ll be showing some light-hearted anime during the first half, and then we’ll have our game + raffle and then a serious-business anime at the end o.o;;

But yar, hope to see you guys then 8D Our first meeting of the year *__*~

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