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Clubs Day, T-Shirts & More

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Clubs Day
When: Friday Sept 10th, 2010.
Time: 10 AM – 2 PM
Where: TBA (most likely King’s College Circle)
Come visit our booth and meet the new execs. Introduce and greet new members interested in Anime and Manga, and join us for some fun in the sun. Also, ask us about the first meeting and Sushi dinner event for early inside information ;D If you also ordered a T-shirt, you can come pick yours up during Clubs Day too

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Lululu, is currently looking for volunteers for clubs day. For those that wanna get involved helping UTAMA, it’ll be a great opportunity to show off how wonderful UTAMA is, while introducing and enlightening more new members. If interested, please contact Lululu at volunteer@utama.ca with your name and availability.

UTAMA T-shirts
The UTAMA T-shirts are here and available. If you ordered and want your fabulous t-shirt, come to our Clubs Day booth to pick them up. While you are there, why don’t you give us your sales pitch about the club to other people. If you are unable to come pick up your t-shirt, don’t fret. They’ll be available for the first meeting or pick-up with an exec. Maybe an exec of your choice ;D

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